Most Valuable Pet Competition

Most Valuable Pet January 2024
Dear B-Puss (formally, Beige-Puss), the little wild kitten with ringworm who learnt so quickly about the power of love. You grew into the most handsome white cat with the bluest eyes. Sadly your life was far too short. Dear B-Puss. B for Beautiful.

All Moosey animals, past and present, are entered into the Most Valuable Pet competition where each month they earn points in 5 categories. You can vote for your favourite pet once per day using the form below. Tweeting about a pet @mooseysgarden or mentioning a pet on facebook or on your blog will also earn that pet MVP points.

beigepuss fluff-fluff gingerpuss histeria
jeremy jerome kaya lilli-puss
lucky mac minimus mugsy
percy poultry rusty sheep
sifter slowpuss smoocher stumpy
tajdog tiger

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