Alberic Barbier Rose

 The old and the new...
Alberic Barbier Bud

In my earlier garden days I was impressed by roses climbing along country fences and up into country trees. So I planted a couple of Alberic Barbiers along the Driveway fence to do just this. Two of him! And then, like so many gardeners let loose in a large garden space, I wandered off somewhere else and forgot totally about him - or them.

Out of Control! Lazy!

It soon became obvious that the chaps were out of control, and lazy, too - preferring to spread all over the garden border and over the lawn. Their designated tree, a Golden Elm, stood there leafy but unadorned.

Ha! I didn't realise that training was required. So I pruned both, dragged the long floppy canes out of the grass, and tied them up into the tree. And then, again, I forgot about the Alberic Barbier brothers.

 What a beauty!
Young Alberic Barbier Rose

They slowly made their mark - a slow cyclist spiked while riding down the driveway, the lawnmower man likewise while ducking and diving near the fence-line. But they did enjoy growing up, up and away - so much better for their nature. And much easier to admire.

The two roses and the tree are a subtle trio, if I say so myself. The pale lemon flowers blend with the dull lime green of the Elm's leaves - they're easy to miss. But subtle is stylish, and this year they're really forming flower trusses, like the books say they should. Good lads!

 Oops. A reality rose photograph!
Old Alberic Barbier Roses

Alberic Barbier's breeding explains its nature. It's a mix of rambler (R. wichuraiana) and yellow tea rose (Shirley Hibbard), bred by Barbier Freres and Compagnie in 1900 - that's over a hundred years ago. I'm inspired that roses survive the changing years, go in and out of fashion, but always hang on...