Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots

In a shady spot near the Sleep-out I've planted a cluster of Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots. I'm hoping that they'll grow quite large here, as I've seen waist-high specimens in similar positions in other gardens.

 Living the quiet life underneath the rambling cherry rose.
Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots

The cherry rose is a rambler which is growing on a neighbour's front fence. I took a cutting from it on one of my very first country walks down the road. Now it's thriving on my fence.

 Flower close-up.
Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not

It's now over ten years since the Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots were planted. But nothing much has changed. Where are those promised plants with shiny leaves as big as serving platters? They're beautiful, but they only provide me the saucer-sized variety. Wrong spot? After all these years, more than likely. Pretty blue flowers, though.