The Pergola Garden

Plantings along the garden fence towards the pergola have changed over the years. First things were very simple - and apart from daffodils and some neglected dahlias there were few major gardening statements. But then...

 With a flowering Hebe in the foreground.
Roses in the Back Garden

Gradually the roses grew and learnt to cover the fence rails, and the pergola became more of an objet d'art and less of a bare wooden structure. The garden bed itself was dug gradually wider - and wider...

 Nothing much has changed!
The Back Fence and Garden - 2006

Earlier photographs show that this part of my garden has essentially stayed the same.

 Now in summer the rose Crepuscule almost covers the pergola.
The Pergola Garden - 2004

Below is an early photograph, taken in 1998, of the fence-line garden. It has been put to bed for winter with a blanket of pea-straw. It's hard to imagine how much growth there will be. Even back then I usually got things far too squashed. And you can see the naked new pergola, looking a little silly, waiting for some clothes.

 Winter mulch.
the back fence and garden - 1998

Great Gardening Disasters

This is the scene of one of the Great Moosey Gardening Disasters. In 1998 there were just a few raspberry canes living against this fence - just a few, you understand. In the autumn of 2004 I spent hours and hours trying to dig the resulting raspberry colony out. Hmm...

In the winter of 2007 I removed a large part of the back fence, and replaced it by lawn. Just occasionally a few rasperries will still sprout into the grass. Oops. Nothing much has changed since, really, apart from some of the old fence palings rotting away.