Garden Rose Pergola

The pergola with its resident roses has been a real success. It forms part of a natural walkway from the back of the house over a bridge to the new Hazelnut Tree Orchard.

 Aha! Spot the camera!
Crepuscule Rose on the Pergola

The main roses which cover the pergola were initially a matching pair of the orange-apricot Crepuscule, planted at the corners nearest the house. Crepuscule has the added feature of beautiful new red foliage growth. A rich red climber (Santana) and a lemon climber called Casino are planted at the other corners near the bridge over the water race.

 Many years later...
Pergola Rose - Summer 2005

Below is one of the earliest photographs I have of the Pergola, with the vegetable garden backing on to it. The rose in this picture has been shifted out, because its colour clashed. This picture was taken after just one summer of growth.

 Lavender Lassie rose climbing over the garden pergola.
pergola roses - 1999

For the first summer I planted dark blue sweet peas (extremely fragrant and long flowering) here to climb through the rose canes. Walking through the pergola was a very fragrant experience. The rose which I call Lavender Lassie has since been shifted out - its colour clashed horribly with the apricot Crepuscule.

 Covered with climbing roses.
Santana and Casino on the Rose Pergola

One of the Crepuscules was damaged in a snow storm and over the succeeding year wasted away. Finally it had to be chopped down at the base. But this gave more room to Casino, the beautiful lemon climbing rose on that side.

Two Crepuscules Again

Aha! I did eventually miss the balance of having two Crepuscule roses, one on each side of the pergola. So I paid a visit to the local rose nursery for a replacement. It isn't totally committed to growing for me, as yet, but I can be patient. And I keep forgetting to grow more sweet peas here. Blast! Must put that on my list...