Introducing the Apple Tree Gardens

 Eek! They are rather spotty...
Heirloom Apples

The first garden in this area, the Apple Tree Border, was created back in the 1990s at Moosey's Country Garden. It seemed natural to feature some old orchard fruit trees and dig madly, if thoughtfully, around them. Alas, the plum and the apricot missed out on the naming rights.

A Shady Start

This border was originally full of shade-loving plants like Ligularia, Bowles Golden Grass, variegated white Honesty and blue Hostas. Chatham Island Forget-me-nots thrived in the dappled sunlight. Moonlight roses climbing through the fruit trees, with large clumps of spring daffodils underneath. In March 2000 tree lucernes which shaded the bed in summer were chopped down. The oaks planted in their place took over shade duties, but to stop any thoughts of sulking the Ligularia was moved to the back of the woodshed.

The Apple Tree Border has always housed some rather large hydrangeas, and the nearby woodshed is smothered by a rambling rose, name unknown (but very possibly Paul Transon), intentions extremely vigorous.

The top lawn between the woodshed and the Sleep Out is sheltered, the spongy grass perfect for flopping onto and cloud watching. The Sleep Out has its own small shade garden of hostas, oak leaved hydrangeas and Camellias, and a cherry rambling rose, spectacular, but briefly, in summer.

 Foliage for all.
Apple Tree Garden Border - 2010

An odd collection of pots, including an old tin bath, and a very courageous Lemonwood growing in a half oak barrel, live by the Sleep Out door, the reception area for new plant arrivals. Here the mail order boxes are excitedly opened, or the stragglers from the bargain bin spend weeks waiting for a new home.

Roses, Perennials, Vegetables...

My vegetable garden is often in disgrace, although its lettuce trees are spectacular each summer. Roses and perennials quickly colonised my attempted potager, and a rose-covered pergola points the way to the bridge over the water race. In the spring of 2002 I tried again, moving the roses to other parts of the garden. The potager should have immediately reclaimed the soil, but it just wasn't quick enough.

Now even more roses, perennials, and even a little lavender hedge have sneaked back in. Choose between roses and runner beans? It's no contest...

Newer Features...

Newer features of the Apple Tree Gardens include a large Variegated Elm tree given sanctuary in the country, with its own small garden bed. This reaches out from the side of the wood shed towards the glass-house, and started life containing feathery grasses and daylily clumps, though the ensuing shade has caused a rethink.

 Such brilliant blues and greens.
Summer Delphiniums And Hostas

In the winter of 2006 thuggish Mermaid roses and a large chunk of the back fence were removed, and the lawn area opened up, giving views of the gardens by the water. And space for some rather odd chaps to enjoy a game of backyard cricket. And, of course, things are still changing.


Nothing can stay the same for long in my garden. Have a peep at the very latest addition - a brick herb spiral. I hope you enjoy your visit.