Driveway Lawn Garden Bench

The Driveway Garden has a wooden garden bench, nestled in underneath the trees by the edge of the Hump. Cats will climb the trees behind, while birds flit (hopefully) out of their reach.

 Doesn't it look magical!
Garden Bench by the Hump

Busy gardeners are always doing things, and it's important to have garden spots in which to relax and feel proud of gardening achievements. It's my plan to have a comfortable bench or seat in every garden area, so that I can rest whenever the mood takes me.

 In the Driveway Lawn.
Garden Bench

These two photographs are taken through the trees and shrubs on the edge of the driveway. Doesn't that garden bench look enticing!

 Hee hee.
The Driveway Garden Bench Painted

Aha! Since those first photographs were taken I've painted the Driveway Garden's wooden bench, Can you possibly guess what colour it is now?