Frisbee Garden Bunting

 So pretty! So silly!

The far corner of the Frisbee Lawn turned into a total mess in 2013 when next-door's pine trees came crashing down. My garden was damaged, and the so-called borrowed view over next-door was absolutely awful. Aargh! I didn't want to borrow it at all!

Autumn Colours Bunting

So in the spirit of 'If one can't beat them, join them' I made some autumn-colourful bunting to hang in the remaining trees of mine. Whenever my eye is drawn over to the undesirable wasteland next door (which still shows no sign of being cleared up) they're brought back to my own garden with a smile and a giggle. I'd seen pictures of garden bunting in bright, noisy colours, but I decided to be a little more garden-stylish. I bought some yellow and orange retro curtains from the charity shop, and found other bits and pieces in the house. To blend in with the real garden, no primary colours were allowed.

 There is more to be hung, too.
Garden Bunting in the Trees

So far I've joined three trees together, and nothing has faded in the weather. There's a pile of little triangles to sew together on the next really rainy day.

 Such pretty colours for a garden.
Bunting in the Trees

I'd recommend the bunting trick if there's an eyesore in your garden that you just can't block out or ignore. I can't count the number of times I grin at those silly little material flags. What a great idea!