The Allotment Garden Grows...

The Allotment Garden started off with a genuine allotment plan - vegetables! Tomatoes, beans, peas, courgettes, and potatoes would all grow happily in this newly created, sunny garden. Well, now the garden is three years old. All I can say about the vegetables is 'oops'.

 Spot the tennis ball?
Watering the Allotment Garden

But I can show you lots of beautiful photographs of roses, perennials, irises, grasses - and even some shrubs. I do have my reasons for the Allotment Garden's change of status.

Firstly, it has to be 'hand watered', with buckets or the little hoses. Too annoying for a busy flower gardener! Secondly, it is quite a trudge from the house (and the kitchen), and I prefer to have (for example) salad vegetables closer on hand in patio pots. But most of all - the soil has been enriched with compost, manure, and topsoil. It's an open, sunny garden. And roses love fresh air and sunshine. Hee hee.

Here are some photographs of the Allotment Garden and what's growing in it in the summer of 2017, three years on. Who knows - things are likely to change even more!