The Sad Demise of the Tree Stump Lawn

 Taj-dog is contemplating something.
The Tree Stump Lawn

Once upon a time at Mooseys there was a big patch of green and messy grass, full of artistic looking tree stumps. At the edge of this lawn was a small Willow Tree stump with big ideas...

The Willow Tree Garden has been an ongoing project, taking a number of seasons to complete. A result of this new garden has been the slow and sad demise of the green and messy grass area - the Tree Stump Lawn, affectionately known as Stumpy Lawn.

The area over the water race started life as a rough paddock with a double row of large gum trees and a 120 year old gorse hedge. I could imagine orchards of fruit trees under-planted with herbs, woodlands with little meandering paths, arbours, trellis, and roses. I could see a pond with ducks, the water race encouraged to do some loops and wiggles...

Stumpy Lawn

Stumpy Lawn was originally planned to be large, expansive, smooth, with a few special trees. The vision was park-like for the end of the long strip of rough paddock over the water race. But I was well and truly stumped with what to do.

 An early inspiring view of the grass area.
Stumps in the Sun

I used to walk up and down and all around trying to visualise each idea. I tried the intelligent approach - prevailing winds, angle of winter sun, etc. I tried to be arty and see shapes of light and dark. I imagined unlimited money and huge budgets - 12 hours for the bulldozer hire, 20 hours for the trucks and the ditch digger...

New Developments

The seasons change, and the grass grows, and partners can be persuaded to wield their chainsaws. Stumpy Lawn gradually lost many of its stumps, either swallowed up by the ever developing Dog-Path Garden, or levelled and covered with soil. It was a big job done slowly.

 Plantings around the Plank in 2002.
The Plank - Before

I then planted a small grove of Oaks in-between the remaining stump survivors, with mixed daffodils in the grass between. I had no other plans as yet for this wild messy place, but hoped that the stumps, like those sitting proudly in the borders, would never completely rot away. You can't have a Stumpy Lawn without stumps.

 Plantings around the Plank in 2004.
and After

Rural Ambience

I tried to retain the more basic rural ambience of this area - honestly! I took many a nostalgic photo to remind me of the passing of time and the frailty of life. Hmmm... But the developed gardens had a mind of their own and slowly, slowly, the remaining stumps were swallowed up. Reject roses arrived, then some rhododendrons, flaxes and assorted perennials. The famous Moosey blue pansy mulch was spread liberally around, with horse-poos and pea-straw.

 The Willow Tree Garden was first planted in 2002.
In The Beginning

Finally in December 2003 the great Moosey Digging and Planting Machine reached the car-bridge, the end of the line, the boundary of the property, and ground to a halt. The Willow Tree, with a mind of its own, demanded to have the new garden named after it. After all, it was a survivor of the original great tree felling in this area.

 In the summer of 2004.
Two Years Later

The Tree Stump Garden is now relegated to the archives of Moosey-history. The Tree Stump Garden and Stumpy Lawn are dead - long live the Willow Tree Garden! Take a tour and see the latest developments! It's rumoured that the rhododendrons in here flowered for the first time this spring...