Upcoming Events

 Still to come at Mooseys Country Garden.
What's Next?

Listing upcoming events in the Moosey garden on this page might help me become a better organised gardener, planning ahead, preparing properly for new gardening events. I hope so!

September is my proper spring month - that means yellow daffodils in the garden, a few new spring lambs in the sheep paddock, blossom in the trees, and new green growth everywhere.

And this should encourage a fresh new attitude from the Head Gardener, who will be full of energy and excitement! There'll be new mulch for my paths, new policies regarding weeding and garden maintenance. Of course every day gets longer, so there's more and more time to spend in the garden...

Sounds wonderful, and it is. But there's so much work to be done, too. I'll have to check if any of the new roses need watering, and I'll need to peep at my pots of tulips and hyacinths. I'll be sowing seeds in my glasshouse (which, of course, I will have tidied).

This particular September there's a lot of web-gardening to do, too, as the Moosey webmaster does his wonderful web-garden make-over. You may not notice much of a differece, but things should look brighter, tidier, and happier. It's the same as a good gardener always looking after the health of the soil. The results should speak for themselves!

 Little Mac at 6 months.
Kitten up the Cordyline

Meet Little Mac

The Most Valuable Pet Competition has new wiggly graphs, and Little Mac the youngest cat has joined the contestants. She is growing into the sweetest cat, super friendly, and calm in the face of adversity (like when Minimus the cottage cat decides to stalk and pounce).

This cat is not afraid of snow or rain, unlike big Fluff-Fluff who hides in the rafters of the garage and won't come down, even for food treats. My Most Valuable Pet Competition has been running for some years now. Cats and dogs and other animals get votes when I mention them in the journal, and you can help by voting for your favourite. Pets also get posthumous points, but we don't like to dwell on that.

A Cat-Pecked Dog?

Each of the current Moosey cats would love it if you voted for them. I often vote for young Minimus my grey cottage cat, to help her zoom up the ladder. Then there's Rusty the dog, the lone canine in the pack. He's always getting bossed around. Poor, cat-pecked dog. Now there's a bit of a mixed-up word, but you know what I mean! And Rusty is winning at the moment...

 He only really has one garden pose...
Fluff-Fluff the Cat

Big Fluff-Fluff probably needs some sympathy votes. He has his own very special fan in Texas, but he'd love your support, too. Then there's Tiger, my senior cat, a food fanatic, who I should put on a cat-diet. What a chub! But she's such a friendly, cheerful cat...

2012 Calendars

Well, I guess it's still 2012, and a few of the pages of my 2012 Calendars are appropriate. They are all available for you to download and print, absolutely free. There are three to choose from this year - the Moosey Garden, the Moosey Cats, and Rusty the red Border Collie dog.

 Free for anyone to download.
The 2012 Moosey Calendars

They are published as .pdf files. Have a peep, see if you'd like one, and please pass on the link to any friends who would be interested. I hope there are no mistakes!

 An older photograph!
Writing the Newsletter

Moosey Newsletters

I really enjoy writing the Moosey Newsletters. Garden life is such fun to write about. My latest newsletter has a mixture of winter garden pages, plus some gardening books which I've reviewed. I've shifted the publication of the newsletters to the 20th of the month, or thereabouts.

There's a subscribers list you can add your name to, if you're interested in receiving your own copy. I now do the newsletter mail-out myself, so hopefully I won't get your names or addresses wrong, or send you a load of compost! The newsletters are on the site as well - you can download the latest by clicking on this newsletter link.

Moosey Gardening Forums

The Moosey Forums are fun to visit. Hope you like the new look - pop in and say hello, and post some photographs of your garden. We love meeting newcomers, and hearing about gardens from all around the gardening world.

 Such generous shrubs.
Beautiful Roses

Well, I'm expecting September to be crammed full of great garden things and great web things, too. And, of course, it's my birthday month, and perhaps I'll get some more garden gnomes for presents. Oooh, goodie...

Enjoy your September!