Upcoming Events

 Still to come at Mooseys Country Garden.
What's Next?

Listing upcoming events in the Moosey garden on this page might help me become a better organised gardener, planning ahead, preparing properly for new gardening events. I hope so!

So it's the last day of 2020, which has been an oddly cruel year, though I've been blessed, living in a safe country and being content to stay home in my garden.

And it's mid-summer, almost 2021, the perfect time for a fresh new attitude from the Head Gardener, who will be full of energy and excitement! There'll be new mulch for my paths, new policies regarding weeding and garden maintenance. Of course every day gets longer, so there's more and more time to spend in the garden...

Sounds wonderful, and it is. But there's so much work to be done, too. I'll have to check if any of the gardens need watering (they will) and I'll need to keep on trimming and dead-heading. I could even tidy my glasshouse (if I get bored).

 My garden and animals - some of them!
Good Things

I really enjoy writing up my gardening journal - some days I spent far too much time scribbling and not enough time in the garden itself. Check out my latest ramblings. Garden life is such fun to write about.

Well, I'm hoping that 2021 will be crammed full of great garden things and great web things, too. Perhaps I'll find some more garden gnomes who need rescuing. Oooh, goodie...

Enjoy your mid-summer, or mid-winter, whichever it is!