Daffodil Garden Path Cat

In early photographs Middle Garden's dog-path is actually visible - this dog-path is being used by Jerome the cat. My original plantings of spring daffodils, too, have space to flower.

 Jerome the cat follows me everywhere in the garden. She is the best cat company.
cat on a dog-path

When first planting Middle Garden I included lots of small daffodil and tulip groups - a local bulb farm provided large bags for mass planting. The dull orange spikey plant behind the unfurling tulips is the New Zealand native called Libertia.

 tulips and daffodils
Middle Border in Spring 2000

The clumps and groups of spring daffodils are still here, but I'm forever slicing into them with my digger when weeding, or standing on them in winter. Or worse - turning their patch of ground into a path! The tulips are lost.