Duck Lawn Shrubs

Duck Lawn separates Middle Garden from the Hen-House Gardens, and a narrow border of mixed shrubs joins the two gardens. Here you'll enjoy seeing Hebes, Astelias, and a beautiful white flowering Cistus.

 These shrubs are short lived, and the Cistus never likes beng pruned.
Cistus and Hebe

Alas you won't enjoy seeing any ducks on Duck Lawn - Rusty the red Border Collie dog is rather partial to chasing birds, and ducks are fair game.

Weeding on Duck Lawn

I usually spend high summer working on the weeds around Duck Lawn. The nearby water race is great to cool off in if the sun gets too hot.

 Taken just a few days ago, when the sun was shining and the weather was nice and summery.
Summer on Duck Lawn

My trusty green wheelbarrow in the above photograph is a living Moosey treasure.