Water Bridge Ferns

The ferns by Middle Bridge grow happily at the water's edge, and mark the start of the path through Middle Garden. I wonder how many tired gardener's footsteps this bridge has experienced in its short lifetime? Far too many to even hazard a guess...

 Rusty the dog is off somewhere on a mission.
Middle Bridge - 2008

Many cats and dogs have made crossings of Middle Bridge, too. Rusty the red Border Collie, the 2008 Moosey dog, often does a mad dash when chasing a pigeon or a duck off the property. I'm surprised he hasn't fallen in the water.

 This bridge is now part of the main route to the Hazelnut Orchard paddock.
Middle Bridge - 2002

There's a magic about ferns growing by running water. And I didn't even plant it here. Whenever I push past on my way to the gardens beyond I smile - what an excellent spot for this plant!

A Functional Name

Sorry about the rather functional name. It was the first bridge constructed over the water, and went through the middle of everything. Hence it's name, Middle Bridge. No imagination!

Thanks, Taj-Dog

Middle Bridge divides the area over the water race into two different gardens. The Dog-Path Garden is the area upstream from the bridge along the water race. The original Moosey dog, Taj-Dog, was the creator of the dog-paths, from which this garden obviously gets its name. In early days it was easy for dogs and gardeners to step lightly off the bridge and wander along the water's edge without falling in. This was before a certain Yellow Wave Phormium decided to overstretch itself.

 Early years!
Middle Bridge - 1998 to 2008

The archive photograph of Middle Bridge was taken early in the garden's development, in the year 1998. The plants alongside the bridge, like the Yellow Wave Phormium, have filled out since - trust me!