Blue Primrose

Barnhaven Primroses - the very name evokes all that is peaceful and pretty about the English countryside and English gardening. This spring I've bought some to provide much-needed colour in the house and patio garden.

Eugenie is my favourite - she's a subtle dusty blue, which matches the colour of my wise old gardening eyes. To demonstrate this wisdom I'll move the plants after flowering, when the hotter summer days start - primroses prefer cooler, partly shaded places.

 I have also bought some traditional creamy yellow primroses.
Eugenie - Blue Primrose

My plant label, lovingly filed in the Moosey office, tells me that the flowers are double and are able to withstand harsher conditions than the common single-flowered varieties. I'm thrilled with the delicacy of the flowers, so much so that I've returned to the nursery for more. Ha!

But there's more! My research, as a responsible disseminator of gardening information, delivers me to their website. Barnhaven Primroses have been suppliers of hand-pollinated primula seed since 1935. And their nursery is in Brittany, France. Oops.