Charles Austin Rose

 Such an interesting colour.
Charles Austin Rose

Whenever I have any new sunny spaces in my garden, naturally I think of roses. So my plan for the new Hump Garden was simple - roses, and then some more roses. To formally christen the area I bought an apricot Charles Austin rose from the supermarket.

Robust and healthy...

He's very robust and healthy - but who wouldn't be, planted in manured and mulched soil in a beautifully airy, sunny, new garden? There's so much space that he's not squashed by neighbours, and a little path meanders close by him so the gardener can admire his blooms.

I love Charles Austin's colour - he looks wonderful in the sunlight.

A pink parent

The flowers are ever changing, depending on age, season, and rain. There's pink in his parentage (from the hybrid tea Aloha), but he's best described as apricot - fading to buff, with a touch of orange thrown in. In some lights he definitely looks orange.

An early English

Charles Austin is one of early English roses, introduced in England in 1973, and is named after the breeder's father. He is a tall chap, and I suppose he could be considered a climber. But only because he's tall, I reckon, not because he needs to climb up anything. I would classify him as a leaner, perhaps?