Ellen Rose

 Some of the flowers are quite pale.
Ellen Rose

I get the David Austin roses all mixed up - particularly the group who have girl's names (Mary rose excepted, since she's my namesake). My latest plan is simple - leave the girlie labels on!

And so with confidence I can welcome Ellen rose to the Moosey Garden collection. She's rather a beauty.

An Apricot Beauty

So many beautiful pastel roses, touched here, there, and everywhere with apricot. Ellen is one such - she's a birthday present, and lives in the middle of a garden surrounded by self-seeded Ligularias.

My Ellen will need to be a bossy bird, and not let herself be pushed out of the limelight. Go girl!

 Pretty buds.
Ellen Rose Flowers

She starts off being sweet and demure when in bud, and then turns into a bit of a tousled tomboy when mature. Hmm... almost sounds real!