The Pilgrim Rose

The Pilgrim was one of my early yellow rose purchases. It is a so-called English rose bred by David Austin, and the flowers are a soft lemon colour. The Pilgrim has a subtle and understated beauty.

 A soft lemon coloured rose.
The Pilgrim Rose

This shrub grows tall and upright in my garden, and it flowers in summer surrounded by white and magenta Lychnis - a delightfully delicate combination! I've noticed that the leaves are quite shiny and green - you'll not find blackspot or rust on this rose. Think tall, green, and healthy.

 Growing against a variegated elm tree.
The Pilgrim Roses

The Pilgrim is bred from the famous David Austin yellow rose Graham Thomas. All my rose books agree that it's a great rose for any garden.

I'll happily make room for more if I ever find any.

 Flowering in-between most other David Austin roses.
The Pilgrim