Yellow Hypericum Flowers

 I trim this brutally every three years or so.
hypericum by the archway

Near the rose arches the easy-care shrub Hypericum steals the limelight in mid-summer with its bright glowing yellow flowers.

This is a much loved shrub in my garden - Hypericum will be in flower when many of my roses are in-between their flowering flushes. It repeats with a few flowers right through the Autumn.

A Cheerful and Obliging Shrub

This cheerful, obliging shrub deserves a gold medal to go with its golden summer flowers. Nothing ever seems to go wrong with it.


And it will accept all or none of the following: no pruning, random pruning, hard pruning, even-harder pruning, hard-as-possible pruning, wrong-season pruning, wimpy pruning... Need I say more!

 Lovely sunshine yellow.
Summer Hypericum Flowers

Hypericum is one of my mid-summer flowering shrubs. And this means Christmas!

 This photograph was taken in summer 2010.
Hypericum in the Septic Tank Garden