There were already three Daphne bushes in the garden when I first came to Mooseys Country Garden - in a small area by the washing line, with lavenders and some herbs. These early plantings were obviously designed to make hanging the clothes on the line more enjoyable!

 The very nicest of early spring shrubs.
Daphne Shrub in Flower

For a period of two or three weeks the Daphne fragrance is really strong, and it is indeed a pleasure to be working in the nearby gardens. I 'prune' the bushes for the flower vases in the house. What a beautiful scent!

 Enjoy this close-up of the flowers.
Daphne Flower

Then, suddenly, the flowers are fully open, and the perfume lessens. Later in the year my Daphne shrubs start to look a little unloved, and sometimes I get alarming numbers of yellow leaves - definitely not a good look!