Pond Flax Reflections

Many New Zealand flaxes have grown from seed around the edge of the pond. They are the species Phormium Tenax, growing tall with stiff dingy green leaves. Here are some early photographs, taken in the winter of the year 2004.

 The site of a great Moosey winter clean-up.
Pond Flax Reflections

The Pond Paddock trees in the background had almost dropped their leaves for winter, and the gardens were starting to look empty. I'd been clearing the garden behind the pond, and I had ridiculous plans to plant roses and rhododendrons. Winter gardening always tends to distort reality.

 Winter reflections in the cold water.
The Pond and the House in Winter

The day I took these photograph the air was wintry and cold, and the sky looked incredibly blue reflected in the water. Brr...