Gnomes Fishing

There are fish in the Moosey pond, and you might spy some little chaps with red hats by the far pond edge doing a spot of fishing. Several families of Moosey garden gnomes have taken up residence around the water's edge.

 Fishing and watching...
Bach and Rupert Gnomes

Originally only one gnome (Rupert) actually had the ability to hold a fishing rod, but his friends were close by for moral support and encouragement. Nice.

 Aha! Out you come!
Bob Gnome Floats Near the Pond Edge

Naturally word spread quickly amongst the other garden gnomes out there. This was THE perfect place to think deeply about the meaning of gnome life, while enjoying the gentlest of outdoor hobbies. Oops - Bob wasn't concentrating one day and fell right in...

Gnomes Understand Fishing Etiquette...

Soon several more fishermen arrived, and set themselves up - not too close to the others, of course. Gnomes understand fishing etiquette...

 In autumn.
Fishing Gnome

There's only one natural hazard. Dogs use the pond for general swimming, and for chasing ducks. I'm worried that one of the dogs might charge through the greenery and knock a gnome into the water. So each time I pass by in the Pond Paddock I count the red hats. Seventy-six - phew!

 Careful now!
Rusty with the fishing Gnomes