Pond Garden Seats

 My two helpers are carrying the new seat behind the pond.
Nearly There!

My new white seat was a late 2009 Christmas present, from me to me. Oh - what a lovely gift - just what I'd always wanted! But seriously, this seat was a cut above my usual wobbly, crumbling sitting structures. I found the perfect spot, too - hidden behind the Moosey pond.

A Secret Seat

It's a shady spot for a secret seat, quite near to the Moosey gnomes who live by the water's edge. So a resting gardener should never feel too lonely. The cats already know about the seat - big Fluff-Fluff has found it and likes it!

When the seat first arrived I ran a small quasi-competition - different garden areas had to bid, or compete for the honour of having the seat. The Pond Garden won easily. Seats by water never fail to be inspiring. And I like my seats to have shade - I'm not a summer sun sitter.

White Wire Seat Behind the Pond

The view from the seat looks out over the water to the Pond Paddock. I've been gradually working on the shrubby garden area that surrounds it - at the moment there are lots of self-sown Pittosporums and the like.

 With Rusty the dog and some of my garden gnomes.
My Reading Seat Behind the Pond

Also some path work is required, to lead a visitor politely through the greenery to the white seat. At the moment one has to push rudely past a Hebe and flick a Pittosporum out of the way. No visitor would be that pushy!

Early Pond Seats

I've always moved my garden seats and benches around. They stay in one place for a few years, and then they shift gardens. In the year 2008 a comfortable wooden garden bench sat at the beginning of the pond-side path. I would sit here and gaze at my lovely Pond Garden, then turn my head to the ram paddock behind me and make furtive garden expansion plans...

 At the back of the pond.
Pond Garden Bench

The Pond Paddock beyond the pond provided inspiring views all year round. Winter showed off the sculptural Phormiums, spring had the fluff of flowering cherries and rhododendrons, summer brought warmth and roses, and autumn was full of brilliant leaf colour.

 New plants, new path, new seat position.
The Back of the Pond

The garden bench was a very normal kit-set wooden one - maybe even a bit boring. But remember - it's not what the bench looks like from the garden - it's what the garden looks like from the bench. But - oddly - I hardly ever sat there. Maybe I was just too busy weeding and clearing the pond gardens! So it was finally moved over to the water race and painted purple.

And back in 2004...

This early garden bench was installed by the pond back in 2004.

 Perfect in winter.
Seat by the Pond

Note the stylish placement of pots of foliage plants - variegated pelargoniums and Iris confusa, safe from winter frosts here in the shelter of the pond trees. I spent many happy rest times sitting here drinking a cup of tea, staring at the winter bones of my garden. These were the days before Pond Cottage, of course.

On the move...

Hmm... Finally in the winter of 2010 the bench had to move - just a wee way around the pond. A mere technicality, but Mooseys tries to be up-to-date and accurate!