Flowers behind the Glass-House

 Spilling out behing the glass-house.
Red Dahlias

Years ago some red dahlias were dumped in-between the potting tables behind the Moosey Glass-House. They decided they liked it here. No problem! I did mean to plant them back in the garden, but... Then a soft orange dahlia appeared, from nowhere. And then a hollyhock, brilliantly pink...

Actually, I often forget to plant dahlias out properly until it's too late in their growing season. And so the glass-house reds have established themselves, and clumped out.

Their flowers always take me by surprise later in summer - I obviously don't do much work in the glass-house at this time of year.

A few years ago there was another surprise. A soft orange dahlia just appeared, growing to one side of the table. Now obviously I've put it there, but I have absolutely no recollection. I can't really blame the bees for this one. It's obviously been allowed to stay.

 Behind the glass-house.
Autumn Dahlias

And here's another delightful dahlia - a Moosey bee hybrid.

 Pretty colours.
Red and Yellow Dahlia

I grow plain red and plain yellow dahlias, and it's amazing that such a beautiful flower has been created from them. Lovely bees, thank you so much!

Hollyhocks too...

A hollyhock also appeared one year, decided it liked the location, and dug itself in for the long haul. I like it flowering here, too. It won't ever be blown over by the wind.

Hollyhock Behind Glass-House

A path meanders behind the glass-house, past the potting tables, and each summer I wonder what new flower I'll find growing here. Nice!