Willow Stump

If you have a garden named after you, it only seems polite to have a close-up photograph. This is the stumpy willow tree, in all its winter glory. Someone (me) has been experimenting with some wood, and Fluff-Fluff the cat has decided this is a good spot. But it looks cold. Brr....

 Fluff-Fluff watching me garden.
Winter Cat in the Willow Stump

Of course the stumpy willow is no relation to the small grey tabby cat called Stumpy who used to live here at Mooseys. This photograph below was taken ages ago in the year 2004, in summer, before Non-Gardening Partner was instructed to tidy up the stump.

 This is not the stump that Stumpy the cat was named after.
Stumpy Willow

Update - June 2011

Great news - the Willow stump is finally getting a facelift. Or, to be more specific, a garden feature is to be built in it. I'm calling it a tree house, but initially the stump will support a viewing platform, approached by steps up to a short walkway. It's not for sleeping, but for sitting, drinking coffee and reading. The platform will stick out a tiny way over the flowing water, and will be enclosed by a railing.

 Such a great idea, hee hee...
Willow Stump - Site of My Tree House

Now I have to keep encouraging Non-Gardening Partner who says he's 'thinking about it'. That's a whole lot better than saying 'Humph'...