Blue Aster Flowers

By the corner of the pergola a clump of asters colours the autumn garden with beautiful smoky blue flowers. No mildew, no sulking - they just have a tendency to allow weedy grasses to creep through. But surely that's the gardener's problem!

 The bees love them.
Blue Asters

This archive photograph below was taken many, years ago, when the fence was in desperate need of painting. Now the Aster clump is much bigger, and the garden border it grows in is a bit wider.

 Autumn flowers.
blue asters - 1998

Paint That Fence!

It wasn't too long before there were well established climbing roses (apricot Crepescules) on the pergola nearby. And finally in 2006 the fence was painted a terracotta colour. Phew!

Update - 2012

The only problem I have with the aster clump is that grass weeds get entangled in its middle. I've dug and replanted several it several times, and it's due again for this rather brutal weeding. I'm also amazed how much the clump has multiplied over the years. What a great little perennial!