Dog-Path Garden in Autumn

Rusty the dog Likes to come with me when I'm photographing the garden. In autumn that means a lot of trips around the Dog-Path Garden, where the autumn trees and shrubs are changing colour almost daily. It's a beautiful season!

 This photograph was taken from the back lawn in 2013.
The Dog-Path Garden in Autumn

In the above picture I'm facing the water race, which can't be seen, and the Dog-Path Garden beyond. It's beautifully autumnal - the trees haven't quite dropped their leaves yet.

 Rusty the dog has wandered into my autumn photograph!
Back of the Dog-Path Garden

Now we've wandered over a bridge and come out on the back of the border. You'll see a new garden development underneath the limbed-up Pittosporum - there's bare space for some new Camellias. A scruffy patch of Iris japonica used to grow here.

 The red leaves are from a Cotinus and a far Oak tree.
The Dog-Path Garden in Autumn

Late autumn is possibly the time when the Dog-Path Garden is at its most photogenic. The Dogwood and Cotinus trees have turned bright red by now. Fallen leaves may need raking up, but they form a beautiful carpet. See what you think!

 All the leaves have just about fallen.
Autumn in the Dog-Path Garden - 2009

The back of the Dog-Path Garden has always showed off in Autumn, when the different colours and textures of the shrubs and grasses form great contrasts underneath the Golden Elm. It's one of the first trees to change colour.

 Under the elm tree.
Autumn in the Dog-Path Garden - 2004

The character of this garden area has changed so much since it was first dug and filled with plants. Gradually perennials have been shifted out and the garden is turning into a real shrubbery - and grassery!

Invisible Tree Stumps

Self sown Pittosporums did sheltered a lot of the initial plantings, but gradually they've been limbed up or chopped down, to let more light in. The original tree stumps are still here, but you'd never guess where.