Dog-Path Garden Path

The main Dog-Path Garden path runs along the water race. The level of water has risen these last years, and anyone walking along this waterside dog-path needs to take care. Don't fall in!

It's hard to keep the path weed-free. I've laid weed mat over the path and covered it with small stones - and still the weeds arrive.

 That's Rusty the red Border Collie and Non-Gardening Partner.
Dog and Man on the Dog-Path

My earlier plantings along the Dog-Path Garden path allowed a walker (whether human or canine) clear access. Tussocks used to flop over the small stone retaining wall, and the path used to be quite dry.

 It's hard to keep this area weed free without spraying.
Dog-Path Garden Path - 2003

The New Zealand Phormium to the left in this photograph is a Yellow Wave. You'll find many scattered throughout my gardens. Unfortunately this particular flax has now grown so big that it blocks the path completely. Oops.