Cherry Blossom in Spring

Looking Back Towards the Drive

This flowering cherry in the driveway lawn can just be seen from the house bay window. It starts to flower in mid-September, when the main batches of mixed daffodils are showing off.

Statue in the Blossom

Underneath the plantings are fairly random - they including two ligularias which are supposed to have spotted leaves, some lilac phlox, and some white lychnis. A small statue sits by the trunk, enjoying some peaceful contemplation.

The tree is encircled by a ring of river stones. This spring I have more time to enjoy the blossom display. I'm hoping that there are no harsh winds to spoil things! I'll be moving one of the garden benches underneath soon - this is a great shady, peaceful spot for a summer seat. The mature trees help create some delightful ambience!

 In summer I usually drag a garden seat over - perfect underneath the leafy branches.
The Flowering Cherry Tree in the Driveway Lawn

Ha! In late 2009 I found the perfect pair of wooden garden seats, which are now installed on the lawn underneath the tree's copious branches. A lovely spot!

 Beautiful big flowering cherry tree in the driveway.