Seasons in the Driveway Garden

This is a beautifully shaded part of the Driveway Border, with blossom and variegated Honesty flowering in spring, cool green shade in summer, and the golden leaf colours of autumn. Then the red Cordyline in its pot brightens up winter. Perfect!

 The terracotta pot has a weeping red cordyline planted in it.
Down the Driveway - 2007

Sometimes in spring the wind blows all the pink cherry blossom down, creating a path of pink. When this happens cars are banned!

 The cordyline is still going strong.
Down the Driveway - Spring 2008

The driveway is carpeted with gold in autumn, when the elm and the cherry drop their leaves. All leaves are then swept up and onto the Driveway Gardens as mulch.

 Rusty the dog is waiting to go for a walk.
Down the Driveway - Autumn 2005

A few years ago I filmed a video of my garden, walking around followed by a couple of cats and the dog. The driveway sequence looked soft and beautiful but the ominous crunching sound of my footsteps on the gravel made it sound like a horror movie.