Firewood for Next Winter

In the middle of winter I truly appreciate the firewood that the Moosey garden seems to generate. It seems that just enough timber falls down in the storms to provide for the following winter's warmth.

 Quite a beautiful red-brick colour.
Firewood From the Hump Trees

One of the oldest gum trees in the Hump fell some months ago. Now the wood is chain-sawed up into fire-sized logs, ready to be split and stored. In the meantime I've stylishly arranged them on the edge of the Hump garden.

This whole area is slowly being planted in New Zealand Natives - I've bought in lots of Pittosporum hybrids as well as Hebes, Renga Renga, and South Island Native Pampas Grass.

 I'm lookig forward to a summer explosion of green growth!
My New Zealand Native Garden in Winter 2004

We won't talk about my great rhododendron failure in here a few years ago. I'm confident I've now got it right - New Zealand Natives are tough as old gardening boots!