Elizabeth Clematis

How's this for the most exquisite pairing of beauty and the beast? It's a pretty pink flowering Clematis Montana called Elizabeth, growing delicately up one of my biggest Eucalyptus trees at the corner of the Frisbee Lawn.

 And a rustic garden gate to add even more charm to the picture...
Clematis Elizabeth Climbing a Gum Tree

Beauty and the beast? Anyone who has grown the usual Clematis montana in the wrong place might be wondering which is which!

 A montana variety.
Elizabeth Clematis

Not Rampant...

It's certainly true that this pink flowering variety is not as rampant as the white - and such a delicate, subtle shade. Lovers of Australian trees could easily consider the bark of the gum tree the most beautiful thing in the photograph, though. I spend quite a bit of time cleaning it off the garden underneath. But I love it, too.

I've placed a roll of wire netting gently around the bottom of the tree, to give the Clematis something to grow against. Any plant that will grow directly underneath a gum tree is a beauty, in my gardening book!

Hmm... I've just remembered there's a white potato vine under there too, scrambling around on the fence and through some of the Lavenders. Actually, it does a good job providing shade over the netting roof of the dog's run. But I guess that's for another page...

 A very restrained form.
Elizabeth Clematis