Outdoor Cane Furniture

 Don't sit on him!
Gnome on old Cane Chair

As a budget collector of cute old things, I've often come home with cheap cane tables and chairs squashed into my car. Attempting to produce 'quaint whimsy' in my garden I've installed them underneath pine trees, in the middle of borders, beside woodland paths, and so on.

So cute!

I've always thought they looked gorgeous. So cute. Then one day a wise visitor asked, quietly : 'Will that cane chair last, out here in the rain?' Oops. Then a another visitor stopped, sighed, and actually sat down. Foolish! Aargh!

You see, cane furniture placed nonchalantly in the garden does not, not, not weather well. Even if it is painted white and all the cane ties look sturdy and secure. Chair legs sink sideways, slowly but alarmingly, even when no-one is sitting thereon.

Seat parts disintegrate. Bottoms fall out. Cute little tables that have never felt the weight of a morning tea cup develop large holes and come apart. I know better now.

 Aren't they adorable!
Sit With Us! Two White Chairs

Luckily old cane burns well. And so many of my white cane armchairs after a few short years looking cute in the garden have ended up on the bonfire. Only one set - two cane chairs and a table on Pond Cottage's somewhat sheltered verandah - is still going strong.

Such a good idea...

What a shame - it was such a good idea. Such a good look. Oh well. So sad - never mind.

Cottage Cane Furniture