Roses by the Patio

As you walk around the lawn past the big bay window, the many roses in the patio borders can be appreciated. The plantings sprawl over the edge, and I've encouraged Angelica to self-seed in behind. Of course there is a compulsory small red flax shining in the frothy blue sea of catmint.

 This actually quite an old photo, taken in 2003.
House Roses by the Patio

The rose on the nearest pergola post, a climbing Masquerade, was brought here sentimentally from my old garden. It gets badly black spotted and rusted, and so after three years of patience I ripped it out. Or so I thought - for the following spring there was a new piece growing. It was reprieved, and I've learnt to enjoy its mixed up red and yellow flowers.

The above roses all grow around the house. So many beautiful colours to enjoy!