Westerland Fragrant Rose

The garden outside the side bay window of the house is full of roses and perennials. I'm training the rose Westerland up the drainpipe. This part of the garden gets baked in the afternoon summer sun.

 Beautifully bright.
Westerland Roses

Plants in this border have to be tough. The soil doesn't retain moisture well, even though each year I apply organic matter and mulch.

The photograph below show the rose Westerland early in its life. There have been many changes since this picture was taken.

 My friend Sherryn loves this rose for its vibrant colours.
westerland rose summer 2003

The planting scheme in this border is not quite what I'd like, particularly when the bright pink Flower Carpet rose is in flower. Why did I plant it in here? I'm too much of a coward to rip it out.

 Westerland is a beautifully fragrant rose
westerland rose summer 2000