Standard Roses

 Pretty colour!
The Fairy Rose

The Island Bed houses a small collection of standard roses. The Fairy Rose (a pretty pink) was growing as a weeping standard by the grass archway when I first came to Mooseys. Over the years I've added other standard roses to the border's edge. There's always room for one more...

I love the late flowering time of The Fairy Rose, and also the pretty colour combination it makes with the neighbouring yellow flowering Hypericum. These two flower at the same time in summer.

A Weeping Standard Rose

Having a tall standard is the perfect way to see its pretty clusters of small pink flowers. The only problem I have with my standard rose The Fairy is that it's annoying to prune. I never manage to clean out the dead wood properly. I have a number of The Fairy rose shrubs scattered throughout my garden - these are the normal low growing bushes, and many have been grown on their own roots as cuttings.

Another favourite standard planted on the edge of the Island Bed is a delicious Blackberry Nip. This rose is just gorgeous.

 Such a beautiful colour.
Blackberry Nip Standard Roses

Finally there's a next-door pink standard rose, slightly scruffy, which I think is called Dancing Pink. Cross fingers!

 I think this is the correct name.
Dancing Pink Standard Rose