Red and Yellow Dahlia Flowers

 A pretty colour combination.
dahlias and gypsophila

Dahlias have always lived quietly (and multiplied madly) in the Island Bed. When I get an excess I throw the rejects over the grass to the edge of the Hump, the next, nearest garden. So in late summer plenty of flowers fill the borders with colour - red, yellow, and all the shades in between.

The Hump Garden

In this archive photograph you can see the garden I call the Hump at the top of the picture. It's a garden area which provides one of my biggest ever challenges.

Many Red Dahlias

There are many red dahlias in the Island Bed. They put on a great show in summer, contrasting with the frothy white Gypsophila and the feathery Toe Toe plumes.

I don't take much control of the dahlias in my garden. I don't grow them with stakes, so they just need to lean on a neighbour.

 Dahlias grow so well in my garden.
soft lemon dahlia

Free as a Bee

It's a random life, free as a bee - and I must give thanks to the bees for creating such pretty coloured flowers for me.

I leave the dahlia tubers in the ground over winter - the frosts are never too severe. And the soil here is free-draining, just a little bit sandy, so there's no danger of the tubers getting waterlogged and rotting. the most danger they face is a random slice from my garden spade in winter.

Dahlia Dead-Heading Works!

And I try to dead-head when they first flower - honestly I do. Dahlia dead-heading does work, and I seem to get a much better flower display for longer. But I know that, of course!

Wonderful Colours

I love plain, uncomplicated red dahlias. They are a much loved part of the Moosey garden original plantings. In a large country garden full of foliage greens the colours red and yellow are a wonderful contrast to have around.