Shrubs and Spikes

Spikes of Cordylines and New Zealand Phormiums combine with the delicate leaves of variegated Pittosporums to give Middle Garden its essential look. It's a classic shrubby and spiky New Zealand garden.

 Much beauty, and not a brick in sight!
Rhododendrons in Middle Garden

The plants need boisterous pruning, and the Pittosporums need constant trimming. And just occasionally a winter snow storm will break some of their bendy branches.

 In spring.
Middle Garden from Duck Lawn - 2008

These views of the side of Middle Garden are all taken from the unfortunately named Duck Lawn. And where exactly are the ducks? Don't ask! But the name has stuck.

 I love green cordylnes - but they are oh so messy!
Middle Garden from Duck Lawn - 2006

I often refer to this oval paddock-grass area as 'Duckless Lawn'. Hmm... Blame a certain red border collie dog named Rusty for that...

Middle Garden from Duck Lawn - 2002