Sexy Rexy Rose

This New Zealand bred rose has a too-cute name, though its alternative name of Heckenzauber (if my big rose book is to be believed) isn't nearly so memorable. Sexy Rexy is a subtle warm pink colour, and flowers for weeks and weeks throughout the summer.

 Silly name - beautiful rose.
Rose Sexy Rexy

It's such a silly name, though - not quite as stylish as this lovely rose deserves. I believe there is also a smaller version - 'Son-of-Sexy-Rexy'? Hmm...Is this merely the cringe factor of colonial humour? Roses are noble, elegant flowers, and should be named accordingly...

 A Sam McGredy rose.
Sexy Rexy Rose

Sexy Rexy was bred in the 1980s, and is still very popular in New Zealand gardens.