Red & Pink Rose Arches

The two archways along the house-side of the Septic Tank Garden look like they were always meant to be here. The garden with its narrow dividing grass path is the perfect shape to be 'archwayed'.

Early Photographs

But my early garden photographs can be deceptive. The original pink rambling rose, seen here on the back archway, endured a horrible death one summer, dying back completely over a couple of months. The arch now has a Phyllis Bide rose planted on either side.

 Planted back in the year 1999.
Red and Pink Rose Archways - Archives

The red rose in this archive picture is the small well-behaved rambler Bloomfield Courage. Alas - it has never quite flowered as well as it did in these early pictures. This Bloomfield Courage is growing on its own roots, and therefore is not particularly agressive. Its flowers and its growth are modest at best.

 Roses everywhere.
house-side garden in early summer 2004

It's so disappointing when part of a garden looks worse as the years go by! Aargh!

 Bloomfield Courage, unknown white, and Phyllis Bide
Archway Roses