Sleep-Out Garden & Lawn

The Sleep-Out is a roomy space attached to the Moosey Garage. Various relatives have indeed slept in here, though at the moment the only in-house residents will be spiders and the occasional nosy cat. It has a tiny triangular garden underneath the window which looks out to the back lawn. That is if you can see through the Camellia!

 This is a mid-summer flowering rose.
Sleep-Out Cherrry Rambling Rose

The Sleep-Out gave me my first chance to grow climbing roses around a house window. I also planted a favourite white Camellia (plus hostas and other foliage perennials) in its small garden, and a happy cherry red scrambler rose along the immediate fence-line.

 The climbing roses have just finished flowering.
Sleep-Out Garden in Summer 2004

The photograph below of the Sleep-Out and its small garden and lawn was taken in the spring of 1999. That's ages ago! The white camellia was quite small, in flower up against the dark stained Sleep-Out wall. Purple honesty and spring daffodils filled the border under the old fence.

This garden is full of plain green hostas and wine red heucheras.
Sleep-Out Garden in Spring 1999

Gardens never stay the same. One day in the winter of 2007 I had an idea to open up the back lawn. The funny thing is - it's often sensible to work with what you've already got in a garden. For example, leave the fence in place, and use it to prop up climbing roses. But sometimes a gardener needs to rethink the plan. And make changes!

Such an Improvement

This was such an improvement. Out came the fence, posts and all, and two very thuggish Mermaid roses. Out came bucketfuls of daffodils and perennials, all to be replanted elsewhere. And in came pieces of turf. The whole area opened up beautifully, with wonderful views across the new lawn to the gardens over the water race.

 With the yellow Senecio shrub in flower.
The New Back Lawn

Non-Gardening Partner helped me a lot. Those posts were rather difficult to remove, and later the grass needed levelling. After all, he was the one who would be mowing the new big back lawn (as you can see). Lumpy bits were not acceptable!

 The Ligularias are ready to be trimmed.
Mowing the Back House Lawn

There's a rather nice succession of flowers to follow in the Sleep-Out Garden. Spring sees the white Camellia, the cherry red rambling rose takes over in mid-summer, when an oak-leaved Hydrangea starts to add flower colour.