Kitten in the Woodshed

 Minimus plays in the Olearia hedge.
Kitten in the Hedge

In the beginning of the year 2009 something really exciting happened in the Apple Tree Gardens. Deep at the back of the woodshed my dog Rusty found a little wild grey kitten. Naturally, being an animal lover, I leapt to the cat-rescue with food and friendship.

Minimus the Woodshed Kitten lived (as her name suggests) in the woodshed for the first few weeks. She'd hide in the rambling rose which covers the woodshed roof, and the Apple Tree Garden quickly became her playground. She'd zoom in and out of the shrubs and up and down the trees, while I gardened close by.

The Olearia hedge was another great place to play hide-and-seek with me. I spent quite a lot of time in or around that woodshed!

History will tell that Minimus graduated very quickly to being tame and confident, living in the house and sleeping on beds. But she still loves the Apple Tree Garden borders - places where she learnt to become a well-socialised gardening kitten.

 Well fed, much loved, quite relaxed...
Minimus in the Garden