My Rhubarb Patch

Just along from the corner pergola post is my rhubarb patch. The compost heap is just over the fence and I have to lean over the rhubarb with my food scraps.

 rhubarb rhubarb
the ultimate foliage plant

The rhubarb leaves are very sculptural and artistic, and I enjoy their autumn combination with some pale blue asters. I also like their creamy flower seed-heads which appear in late summer.

 The aster flowers in Autumn.
Rhubarb and Asters

I like to use rhubarb in jams - when I am organised enough!


This web-site tries hard to be scrupulously honest. For reasons of integrity I have a confession to make. In the last ten years I have made one batch of rhubarb and peach jam and one - just one - rhubarb crumble pudding. Hopeless!