Bridgwater Flower Show

Bridgwater has special significance for this gardening team, as Moosey was born here before moving to New Zealand. Likewise, Eggy feels a connection to the area with his bloodline coming through the town. We were treated to Bridgwater's annual flower show, last August Bank Holiday weekend.

 I can stare at this bloom for ages.
Prize-Winning Flower

Eggy's old drinking buddies have moved back to Bridgwater, so we often escape to the country for fresh air, and Somerset food and drink - excellent hosts. The garden tours being nominated in the forum will surely start there!

The town's spelling of Bridgwater is distinctive - there are a few Bridgewaters in England but there's the only Bridgwater.

Bridgwater is also noted in the west for the town carnival. Carnival is held in November, on the weekend closest to Guy Fawkes Night. Many of the locals are in Carnival Clubs which meet and practice throughout the year.

We hope to catch up with the flower show in 2005 too.

Bridgwater, Somerset

History of Bridgwater
The town's history explained by Roger Evans.
Bridgwater Carnival
2005 will be the 400th year for the Carnival & Autumn Fair.

A West-Country Flower Show

Bridgwater Flower ShowBridgwater Flower Show...
After the heady horticultural thrills of the London RHS events, it was refreshing to spend the 2004 August Bank Holiday weekend at the Bridgwater Flower Show. The West-Country community event had over 600 entries - a record number in its century-long history.