More Cats of the World

Daughter of Moosey, still off adventuring in the big good world, keeps sending me photographs of cats she's met on her travels. She's now seen at least one replica of each of the Moosey cats, including several Little Mac kittens.

Street Cats

In general cats are not overly visible in the suburbs or in the cities here in New Zealand. Cats that a visitor meets will belong to someone - they'll just be out and about being sociable, filling in their day.

City Cats

Some cats live rough on the streets, and kind folk do feed them, but in theory both the city and the country Kiwi cats have homes, warm beds in winter, fresh pet meat for treats, and so on.

Country Cats

Local groups in my city are busy helping feral cats, using the Trap Neuter Return programme. Feral kittens are fostered, socialised, de-sexed, and then forever-homed. Like the cats at Mooseys!

More City Cats

It's not surprising that Daughter of Moosey has become a bit of a cat-magnet. Apart from being related to an extreme cat-lover and cat-rescuer (me), she's been touring with her pockets full of dried cat food. Just in case. Enjoy!

 Sitting on a cardboard egg carton.
Azerbaijan Kittens

The cats in these pictures from Turkey and Greece, and the two kittens are from Baku, Azerbaijan.