Fluff-Fluff - my gentle, fluffy, pale ginger cat with the amber eyes and the silly name - this is your own adult cat page! Welcome to the Moosey pets section.

 Fluff-Fluff the kitten, the digger of ten minute holes in the garden...
Kitten in the Roses

F is for Fearless

There's a waste section in town where my friend feeds the stray cats each evening. One night she found Fluff-Fluff sitting there shivering, a little ball of fluff with tiny blue eyes.

This was no feral kitten - he was the friendliest, cutest kitten, pretty enough to be on a chocolate box or in a kitten calendar. And he had simply been dumped there.

F is for Friendly

I remember meeting him for the first time, and being amazed at how friendly he was! He was so tiny he could fit in the cupped palms of my hands. He came home to Mooseys with another rescued kitten (Beige-Puss) - I joked that they were two designer kittens, as they matched the colours of Rusty our red Border Collie dog.

F is for Fluffy

Now it's Fluff-Fluff's second Christmas with us, and he has matured into the loveliest adult cat. Still that kitten personality shines through - we often all him Mister Friendly. Fluff-Fluff always loves a tummy tickle, and placidly lets me pull sticky biddibids and the like out of his fluffy fur, as he stretches out two clawless front paws.

Fluff-Fluff can be a scruffy cat, though! Every type of leaf and seed gets well and truly stuck in his fur. He does quite a lot of gardening, you see - popping up particularly when I'm digging holes and planting things. Fluff-Fluff likes to lie in the dirt and give himself a dust bath, just like a bird.

 Look at that fluffy tail!
FLuff-Fluff is a Long Cat

Together with 'house brother' B-Puss he accompanies me when I feed the chooks, when I go down the driveway to check the mail, and when I go to the glasshouse. He is a serious gardening cat outdoors, and a really cuddly cat indoors - always rolling on his back to display that scruffy tummy.

 On the path by the house.

A serious thought - animal cruelty often occurs through ignorance, or sheer laziness. I still find it hard to believe that someone dumped such a pretty kitten on that waste land.

Lucky Cat - Lucky Us!

How lucky he was to be rescued! And then I tell him how lucky we all are that he's come to Mooseys.

 One of my gardening boys.
Fluff-Fluff in the Angelica

And by the way - that silly name does so suit him!

RIP Fluff-Fluff

Fluff-Fluff lived on until the year 2017, when he suddenly became very sick very quickly. He had a merciful release, and is buried near a memorial prunus Kanzan in the Island Bed.