Lilli-Puss - Missing for Six Years

 On a path in the Hump Garden.
Lilli in the Garden

Lilli-Puss is the Cat who Came Back, six years after going missing. The SPCA called me, I collected her, and after a suitable time in lockdown (the sewing room) she was allowed out and about in the house and garden. How to describe her? Sweet, and a little unusual. But she's back!

Lilli-Puss has her own way of surviving socially. She spooks the other cats and the dogs by silently following them around. 'Aargh!' thinks Pebbles, a sensitive dog. 'The grey ghost is coming to get me! Run!' She growls quietly when something's annoyed her, and hisses quietly when one of the Fred cats comes too close. And she won't back down or get pushed around.

Lilli often walks around and around, in wide circles. She's slow to make any decision - to settle and sit down, or go through a door, or jump up on a chair.

But she's always there, close by. She follows me slowly and silently around the garden, providing very unobtrusive cat company. Occasionally I've watched her climb a tree. Inside the house she likes sitting on my lap and having her chin rubbed. At these times I'd love to think she's just old.

Alas, I don't think so. She is fourteen, but her behaviour suggests that something strange is going on. Cat dementia? Or the result of some sort of head injury? She may have spent the last six years on her own being anti-social, semi-feral, sneaking in and out of cat doors. Good reasons for becoming a little disconnected.

But don't worry, Lilli-Puss, my lovely grey ghost. You're allowed to be a bit slow. You're a survivor, and you're very easy to look after. And you're learning to be great cat-company in the garden. Well done, darling cat.

Update - March 2022

Sadly Lilli-Puss is no more. She's buried in the Hump Garden. Kidney failure. But what an amazing last nine months she's had. I miss looking after her very much. Rest in Peace, dear cat.