Spring Churchyard Garden

We visited the churchyard on an overcast but light day, which had a hint of Spring in the air. A good day for garden photography.

The churchyard is green - grass, branches, headstones, leaves, walls and gates are all slick with moisture. Moosey would be impressed by the number and location of the benches and the views and sun offered here. Midges and small insects are starting to buzz around and annoy garden photographers although sadly I couldn't find any insects to photograph.


Early spring flowers

The plantings in the churchyard were fairly sparse but bordered the path well. Patches of bluebells and snowdrops were dotted here and there. We were perhaps a week too late to catch the cherry blossoms at their best but they still looked nice - a little droopy with a lot of volume but still throwing a lot of colour around.

A small circular rose garden with a low bricked wall shows lots of promise with 20-25 small healthy roses. A few light yellow buds are showing. I'll pop back to the churchyard in a week or two and check up on them.


Urban wildlife

About 20-30 squirrels make the churchyard garden and its many trees home. They are the grey introduced variety.

Other animals in the churchyard were mapgies pigeons and an obligatory crow who refused all photo opportunities.