Apricot Watsonias

 Very subtle!
Apricot Watsonia Flowers

These delicate apricot coloured Watsonias came unheralded into my garden, a gift in the post from a fellow gardener. They were immediately lost in the spring hustle and bustle of greenery - totally my fault. I am a hopeless 'noticer' of the subtler flowering plants I grow.

Delightful Apricot Flowers

One clump, planted in the Hen House Garden, has possibly never flowered - maybe they don't get enough sun. The second clump is in the Driveway Garden, which I walk past every day with my dog. The result - delightful apricot flowers, which pop up in late spring, and which I've now noticed three years in a row. I'm improving!

They don't seem to last very long, but when the flowering's over, there's no unsightly clump of dying stalks, a sight I associate with the coarser bright pink species Watsonias. Hmm... In my early garden days several clumps of these were innocently planted where they'd be seen from the house.

Mind you, their pink flowery phase was spectacular - but what a mess afterwards! The offenders were soon dug out and composted.