Daffodils and Kittens

Daffodils and kittens - awwww! Definitely two of my favourite things. This year's daffodil planting time has coincided with the newest Moosey kitten (Little Mac) becoming fully garden-trained. This should be fun!

 Favourite things!
Daffodils and Kittens

With hundreds of mixed daffodil bulbs to plant, it was great to have garden company. So off we both went to the first chosen location, where I carefully dug an elliptical planting hole, big enough to fit (not squash) twelve to fifteen bulbs.

A Tummy-Tickling Garden Game

Aha! A kitten-sized hole in the ground! In Little Mac leapt, her little black and white legs whirling in the air, tail flicking at the dirt. 'Out you go' I said, scooping her out gently. In she leapt again. And again. This thing called gardening was fun - and here was a tummy-tickling garden game!

 Poor thing!
Kitten and Daffodil Bulb

I have been (in my youth) a moderately successful human toddler-tamer, and I know some tricks. Distraction! I grabbed a King Alfred and rolled it temptingly down the path.

 Little Mac and the bulb.

King Alfred Disembowelled!

Pounce! Poor King Alfred - he got the disembowelling treatment (that awful cat-trick where the front paws grab and the back legs kick away). Meanwhile I was furiously tipping twelve to fifteen bulbs into the planting hole and arranging them tops-up. Quickly, quickly...


Oh dear - not fast enough. Chasing my moving fingers was much more exciting than fighting a boring bulb. Pounce! As quickly as I positioned my bulbs correctly, the right way up, the kitten would knock them down. This was another great garden game, so good for paw-eye co-ordination. And so I'd slowly roll another King Alfred down the path to his doom...

It's just as well I started bulb-planting early this year. It's taken ages to juggle the needs of my daffodils while enjoying the company of Little Mac my black and white gardening kitten. Daffodils and kittens - awwww!


Don't worry. No King Alfreds were actually hurt in this story. And my blogfriend Daffodil Planter promises not tell anyone that the bulb in the photographs is a 'stunt double'...